X for Xbox

She walked in to the bedroom. He was already asleep. She kissed his forehead anyway like she always did. She smiled when she saw the list. He still wrote to Santa, at the age of 14. She sighed as she saw the first letters. X box. Like for his birthday, like for last Christmas. She would never find the money to buy that for him. She could never afford it. She stroke him gently over the brown locks of hair and went silently out of the room.

Christmas came. They had been to church. He held her hand tightly on the way home. The roads were icy, and there were some snow in the air. Light snow landed on their heads and shoulders. - Look, he said and pointed up. They looked up together and with snow in their eyes they saw. - The Christmas star. Shining so bright. - Make a wish, she whispered. They smiled at each other.

After Christmas dinner, he was sitting quietly reading. She could tell he was happy, yet a bit disappointed. For so many years he had wanted this one thing. She went to get their Christmas dessert from the kitchen, and was suddenly aware of the shadow outside the window. She went over and looked outside. No one. Just a box. On their stairway. Strange. - What it is mum? He stood behind her, trying to peep outside. She showed him the box. Was it? It was. An Xbox. An old one. A used one. With some games. She saw the big smile spreading on the face of her son.

Where it came from? They will never know.

We own our own happiness. But still when it comes to people we love unconditionally, seeing them happy also makes us happy. Isn't that so?

1-30 April 2015 I participate in the A to Z blogger challenge, and this post is written as a part of that challenge.My theme for the challenge is Happiness. I hope you enjoy coming along. 


  1. awww touching story... it is indeed true. It's the happiness of the loved ones that bring more happiness to us.

  2. Wonderful Christmas story, and a perfect X.

  3. According to the Department of Homeland Security, you should probably report strange people leaving mysterious packages in or around your house.

    It is a lovely story, through. :-)

  4. Dearest Eli,
    Very warm and touching story and oh so true. Those we love unconditionally we wish we could make happy all the time!

    1. Dear Mariette, So True. Thank you so much:-)

  5. This was so touching! Someone sure made his day :)

  6. Sweet story Eli! :) For sure, seeing those we love happy makes our heart happy too! ;) <3

  7. Agreed. Seeing our loved ones happy is the best feeling in the whole world!

    A to Z Participant

  8. Aww! That's such a sweet and a beautiful story! Miracles do happen! :)


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