The absence of the bad

To H 

The absence of the bad
that makes the good
so good
that makes you feel you could
live and love
be free
be you again
- didn't you see?

the absence of the bad
that makes your soul go mad
of joy and colour, life's so bright
the sky was never this blue, right?
- really, you didn't feel it too?
how the sounds are now so clear
trust and hope - coming near
and the love can be so strong
finally you do belong

the absence of the bad
that should have been enough
for you as well to see
you are a part of we
that life can be a bliss
sense the heat of a kiss
as tender as this

the absence of the bad
that open up your world
and makes you free, like we
free to enjoy your tea
-  just as you like
or go for a hike
things you were never able to do
now you could have,
- why didn't you?

to be on life so high
the absence of the bad
makes us laugh and care
just because
it isn't there
it makes the good
so good

you never thought it would



This post is dedicated to my friend H who chose to end her life. She broke out of a very bad and violent marriage, but struggled later with anxiety and depression. Her sister encouraged me to write this. This is in loving memory of H and all other brave women who struggle every day. 
We hope you find the power.
Do it for H. Do it for you. 



  1. So sad to read this, hope H rests in peace. I can imagine the feeling, many experience it these days because of our nuclear lives!

  2. Very very sorry to hear this. May her soul rest in peace and may we all bind together to help those we can.

  3. A really moving piece and truly heartbreaking. Depression is a terrible thing indeed. Wish you and the family strength for today, tomorrow and always.

  4. The absence of bad or the unfailing focus on good can make a big difference. It is not comforting to know about someone who chooses to end their life for they would have seen no hope. I hope H's soul rests in peace.

  5. Very very touching poem dear Eli, so heart breaking too. Sending prayers and good thoughts for H and her dear ones and power for those who are struggling anywhere in the world. May they all find the strength to see the sunrise of a new day.

    1. That is so beautifully put dear Arti Thanks a lot my dear friend

  6. So sorry to hear about your friend, Eli! I hope she is in peace.
    It broke my heart to read about her..
    Hugs to you, my dear!

  7. So very sorry to hear about your friend, Eli! May her heart finally find the peace that kept eluding her in her life. Such a moving post this is! Hugs x

  8. Sorry to hear about that! very moving post and I love that quote.

  9. May your friend rest in peace. Akana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  10. This post brought tears to my yes... may H find rest. Its so sad and I feel very upset to hear, so many women suffer in silence and become victims of severe psychological problems, hats off for dedicating this post for women who struggle.

    1. Thank you so much my dear friend. Always so happy to see you here


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