Moments flashing by

I see some sad moments last summer
when two ladies I knew passed away,
the tears wouldn't stop, the loss hurt so bad
oh, how I wish they would stay
I really can not believe they are gone
leaving us

sitting by the edge of the sea
I re-live that feeling
you and me:

I see happy moments last summer,
where I'm pinching my arm: can it be?
am I really so lucky to live to see all this
with my loved ones, with my "we"
and that joyous part: feeling free
it wasn't always like that
for me

early morning, crawling out, my hair is a mess
looking up at the sky, stretch and breathe, no stress:

I re-live the moments, I cherish them so
they are kept in my heart
I will not let them go

follow a sunset with it's soft pinkish light
grateful just to be 
when day becomes night:


a sweaty hike up, overlooking the view
seeing someone I love,

So, I sit here, my friend, and the moments flash by
many brings out wild laughter, and of others I cry
and that is ok, because lucky me
I am alive
and free


Green for Hope - #ThursdayTreeLove14

to take a walk in the park
can make light out of dark
can make you see
under a tree
- you are free

to hike deep in the forest wild 
and feel a gentle breeze, so mild
touches your skin
kisses your chin
- you win

a green green tree means hope to me
it finds a way when there is none to see
Believe and Do
I did it too
- so can you  

* yes, my favourite colour is green:-) 


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The absence of the bad

To H 

The absence of the bad
that makes the good
so good
that makes you feel you could
live and love
be free
be you again
- didn't you see?

the absence of the bad
that makes your soul go mad
of joy and colour, life's so bright
the sky was never this blue, right?
- really, you didn't feel it too?
how the sounds are now so clear
trust and hope - coming near
and the love can be so strong
finally you do belong

the absence of the bad
that should have been enough
for you as well to see
you are a part of we
that life can be a bliss
sense the heat of a kiss
as tender as this

the absence of the bad
that open up your world
and makes you free, like we
free to enjoy your tea
-  just as you like
or go for a hike
things you were never able to do
now you could have,
- why didn't you?

to be on life so high
the absence of the bad
makes us laugh and care
just because
it isn't there
it makes the good
so good

you never thought it would



This post is dedicated to my friend H who chose to end her life. She broke out of a very bad and violent marriage, but struggled later with anxiety and depression. Her sister encouraged me to write this. This is in loving memory of H and all other brave women who struggle every day. 
We hope you find the power.
Do it for H. Do it for you. 



Enjoy the view ! - #ThursdayTreeLove13

Advice From A Tree
Stand tall and proud.
Go out on a limb
Remember your roots.
Drink plenty of water.
Be content with your natural beauty.
Enjoy the view!
By Ilan Shamir

Chin up. Watch the sky.
Feel the peace. Sense the quiet. 
Close your eyes. Open up. 
Rays of sun 
playing slowly
in between the green green wonders
of the magic of 
The magic of life.
Your life. 


Presenting the vibrant glory of a tree which I pass every day. 
A perfect place to take a breath - 
enjoy the view! 

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Just that moment

time just stops - at a moment like this
sky meets sea in a soft tender kiss

blue blue blue as long as eyes can see
calm peaceful water - and on it are we

a gentle breeze caresses my hair
a promise of summer is in the air

me and you - and the sea
and an excited dog right next to me
waiting to see: what's it gonna be?
any fish I could inspect, maybe?

just a moment - in the blue
I hold on a bit, don't you too?
and let it go, when the time is right
when the next moment pops up - clear in sight

just a moment
here and now
live it
love it



Arizona - my top 5

Travelling somewhere you have never been before, usually requires some research. Where to go? What to see? What to do? Where to eat? Where to sleep?

Well, lucky me: travelling to Arizona with a bunch of so-to-be-locals. The standard question was more like  "What should we show Eli?" or more the persuasive: "Eli has to see this, "Eli must see that" "Oh, we must go there, cause Eli will like that"
Heaven, I tell you. What kind people. And so easy peasy: I could just close my eyes, lean back and enjoy... Oh yeah, I can like that! As a first-timer to Arizona, this is what I liked the most (in no particular order- because hey: how can you prioritise a list like this.. not possible, I tell you):

1. Route 66
Seen the cartoon "Cars"? The story of route 66. Just cruising down that road made me pinch my arm. I was there. How great was that? The old highway through the US. Now .. still route 66. E.P.I.C.

2. Zane Grey's cottage in Payson
In Payson we saw the cottage of the writer Zane Grey (31.1.1872-23.10.1939). The name sounds familiar? His work (more than 90 books) were adapted into no less than 112 films (from 1911-1996)! What I liked the most was the he was a writer who liked to "get out there". You know? It is described that he travelled (like we did) to the bottom of the Grand Canyons, including Havasupai, to be close to the Indians, and into the nature - with just a pen and a note book in his hands... That I like.

Grey was a major force in shaping the myths of the Old West and inspired many authors that came after him. He sold over 40 million books. Erle Stanley Gardner, author of author of mystery novels and the Perry Mason series, said of Grey:
He had the knack of tying his characters into the land, and the land into the story. There were other Western writers who had fast and furious action, but Zane Grey was the one who could make the action not only convincing but inevitable, and somehow you got the impression that the bigness of the country generated a bigness of character.
The Zane Grey cottage, Payson
The lake just in front of the Zane Grey Cottage

Tonto National Park in Payson, with the largest natural bridge... wonderful area. 

3. Sedona. Oh, what can I say? Sedona is the kind of place you just have to live. I think. The red, the unbelievable red mountains. The streets. The houses - built as a part of the nature. Some of them even hard to see. The hills. The trails. The bushes. The hill tops. The air. The wind. The spiritualism they say IS Sedona. That feeling. Peace. Quiet. Balance. Yes. Sedona is.. something else... 

4. Cactus land
Have you ever felt like you are walking in a film? A western movie? That's what I felt like here. The giant cactus, the sound of lizards, rattle snakes ( I wish:-(), the heat, the yellow grass. Just waiting for that cowboy to jump out from behind a cactus: Howdy partner, how's it going? Oh yeah.

Which way to take??

5. Havasupai. I saved the best till last. The adventure of a life time: our hike to Havasupai.
It left me speechless. Never had I know that nature could have such colours: bright green field, dark green cactus, bright turquoise water, red mountains. Colours I have never seen before. And. No internet. No phone. No electricity. Going to bed at sundown, waking up at sunrise. And in the company of people with good energies. Gratitude. Warmth. Laughter. Joy. Love.

Life, at it's best.

At the top - Grand Canyon

Beaver falls - in the valley of Havasupai

Our hammocks - at the camping site
Feeling grateful - checking out ... from Arizona:-) 



so there I am, flying high
sensing the landscape passing by

light blue sky, dark blue sea
mountains tall, right next to me

I smell the flowers, the wind's in my face
I close my eyes, I feel amazed

how lucky am I to see all this
with all my senses - nothing to miss

it is my country, it is my land
and the key to joy - right in my hand

I smile to myself, feeling thankful like few
I don't take it for granted, the freedom to do -
- things like this, and enjoy them too

and with my love, right in front of me
seeing the same scenery

a joyride, from the back of a bike
nature and wildness - what's not to like?

to drive along - with wind and sun,
I smile and feel: here I belong

green fields and white snow and blue blue sea
and a bunch of nice people - around me

a joyride of life, I enjoyed so much
I am grateful for it
for the moments non stop

I hope you enjoy your moments too

and if I can
- then so can you


- I spent 4 wonderful days, road-trip, on the motorcycle with my love one. In company with some great people. Here are my favourite moments : 
Along the fjord.... breathtaking...:-) 

Road to Lysebotn, Rogaland. Yup, still snow ...
On top of the world; Gaustadtoppen in Telemark

Between mountains and fjord: on our way back - ready for take off from Eidfjord



free to be you
free to be me

fly like a bird
surf on that sea

climb those high mountains
do not give up
the tall tops in your life
go there, don't stop

cherish the freedom - be as you like
do not care - let them say what they might

it doesn't matter - your life is yours
so go ahead - stake out your course

go where you wish, dress as you like
say what you want, and one day you might

feel that strength from deep within
you own your freedom
 - you win

I am so grateful to be where I am
in my own country
in my own land

and in my life - where I can be me

don't take it for granted

cherish it
guard it
love it

be free

In Norway, 17th of May, we celebrated our constitution day. A day to celebrate freedom. Here I am in a traditional costume (bunad) from Hardanger, where my grandad on my mother's side origins from. The bunad used to belong to my mum.  


Thank you, Havasupai

4 sunny fun days. 3 magic dark nights
under the stars that were shining so bright

while we slept in our hammocks, that's where we were
under the trees, no one knew we were there

what an adventure. my words are lost
trying to describe what I loved the most

the colour of the water, turquoise, so bright
the trees so green, shimmery silver light

the red rocky mountains, naked and tall
the blue blue sky, with only eagle's call

oh, Havasupai, you captured my heart
time stood still, how I wanted it to last

and not only nature, but the people too
they made the adventure - a fairy-tale come through

both my own little group and the Indians there
with a laugh, a kind look, and you sense that they care

about you and the world and the ones they have near
- and they are in the bubble just like you
- with no cars, shops or internet, and they enjoy it too

and the feeling of being completely away from the whole world

and yet

I have never felt more



Some pictures from our trip (more might come, it might take a life time to absorb this journey. Thank you Vidar, for some of these pictures!) 

From Beaver falls

Fletcher and his horses coming down 

Havasu falls

Mooney falls
From the hilltop

Farewell Havasupai! 


A new beginning

to wake up in the morning
to open up your eyes
by sunshine play with curtains
the room is full of light

you sense a smile just spreading,
feel warm and peaceful too
the dark is long gone from your life,
you're free, the day is new

you stretch and feel you are alive
for - oh yes, one more day
it's what you have, so hold it tight
and live by what you say

it's not for all to have it, you know,
so make it yours, my love

a new beginning,
a brand new start
a day, for you,
and the ones in your heart

Everyday is a new beginning
take a deep breath
and start again 

- This was inspired by waking up by the fjord in Ulvik, where the family of my granddad on my mum's side origins from. My favourite clicks from our road trip last week:

Blue fjord, red farms, white mountain tops, green fields......


A ray of sunshine

A ray of sunshine, I saw that day
beyond the storm, beyond the pain

beyond the rain and dark clouds too
I saw it clear, and so do you

I felt it deep, I saw it bright
clear as day, black as night

a ray of sunshine to get you through
when you think you will not, oh, you will do

the fog will move away, I say
and just like me, you will some day

- feel the warmth of sunshine too
oh, my friend, me and you

we suffered, but we will survive
keep on climbing, stay alive

and if I manage, so will you
trust me - you can do it too

a ray of sunshine, is what it takes
trust it, follow, push no brakes

that is life, for me and you
a ray of sunshine
- for us too


Make life a ride

Make life a ride, I saw on a wall

I smile and think: yup, that makes me feel strong!

to take life in my hands, make my dreams come true
and if I try to do it, my God - so can you!

because life is a ride and what lies there ahead
an avenuic grande highway or thousand tiny paths instead

how to know where to go on intersections and signs
what to choose, you might ask, straight ahead? well, you might

still get lost for a while, but trust me that's ok,
' because still it's your choice - do it your way!

you are in charge and you make it come true
yes, some bumps, and some turns, still: the boss is you

but just know: 
some things you control, and some things you cannot
still: never loose faith that you really will not

loose power - of how your own ride will be
pssst: if all of them can, then - so can we!

keep your hands on the wheel for as long as you can
glance aside, check the view, count the stars, oh my man

- for a slow ride, or a rally, what you want it to be
cruise along, don't look back - look ahead - don't you see

you wake up every morning with your engines run free
just be bold and be loud, be what you want to be

- I can glide on still water - only me and the sea
and my loved one perhaps, paddling next to me

I can run up a mountain, just as steep as can be
and a warm hand holding mine,
smiling: sweetheart, you and me 

a bubbling laughter when in the forest deep
hand in hand with a joy to keep
we come over a sign written by a happy man:
"tested and approved by a 80 kg heavy Senior Citizen":

all in all my dear friend, make your own life Your ride
it is yours, so please own it, either slowly or wild
live it embrace it 
it is yours 
you decide