T for Today

Yesterday is history, tomorrow's still a mystery. Live today.

Live every day till the fullest. Count your blessings. Be grateful for what you have.

You may dream about tomorrow, but tomorrow may not come, so don't live for tomorrow.

You may linger with the memories of yesterday, be mad with the bad ones, and get stuck with the good ones. But they are gone. You can not change them. Let them go. Forgive, but do not forget.
Cherish the memories, learn from yesterday, but move on. Move on. Move on.

Live for today. For this moment. Right here, right now. Chase your passions, follow your dreams, wherever they lead you. Do what makes you happy. Dare to say yes if you want to say yes. Find the strength to say no, if that is what you must. You alone are in charge of your happiness.

Grab the moment. Embrace the present. Be happy in the moment. Be happy today.

What have you done today? Please share. 

1-30 April 2015 I participate in the A to Z blogger challenge, and this post is written as a part of that challenge.My theme for the challenge is Happiness. I hope you enjoy coming along. 


  1. Yes! Live life to the fullest with no regrets. :)

  2. This poem is one of my favorites and keeps inspiring me to live in the moment. Beautiful thoughts :)

  3. Wonderfully uplifting and clever way of getting it to T.

  4. Ha... Vidya Suri posted that poem for me yesterday... Must be a sign!

  5. Anything has to be better than dusting, so I definitely approve of that poem!
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    Adventures of a retired librarian

  6. You know what? I was about to say I didn't do anything today, but then I stopped and really thought about it a moment...

    I woke up and helped my wife get my infant daughter changed and fed. I ate breakfast with my 3-year old son and read him a story. I took my (very long) communte to work on the bus but listened to my favourite podcast, then scribbled a couple of pages of my current WIP on a notebook. I'm at work and it's been a pretty slow and uneventful morning. Looks like my first meeting has been cancelled.

    I have nothing to complain about. Overall, it's actually been a pretty good after all.

  7. I knew there was a reason I don't dust much! Today I got up and came out here to the computer. It's early for me. I need to go eat breakfast now.

  8. So true..so inspiring..loved it..

  9. I have been running all day around. Now I am sitting in the waiting room at the Railway Station and waiting for my train and catching up on all the reading and commenting. Yes, I am off to a trip again :)

  10. This is so beautiful. It reminds me how I hate changes and wanna my old life back. I need to adapt. Your poem is like an energy battery recharge:)

  11. Excellent advice for today, any day! ;) Love that poem as I don't care much for dusting! ;) <3

  12. Dearest Eli,
    Well today I have cleaned a lot, talked to my baby-sister via Skype, drank tea with Pieter (daily routine) and in general did count our many blessings.
    Excellent post and so true to live every day to the fullest.
    Yesterday we had such a tragic accident here in Georgia where a big truck ran over two small passenger cars and all were killed. Students at the university on their way to a hospital for some practical work... Five beautiful young women. One never knows what lies ahead of us!
    Hugs and blessings,


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