Andante Andante

A year has passed, since February last
and when March came along,

she was gone

a column in my life, my mum, she was
- still it's an unbearable loss

I know she would be glad for me
happy - that I'm strong and free

- with friends and family, lucky me
to be so loved, and so was she

- and there on my way from work to home
my tears just flow - because of this tone

a song that reminds me of the past,
and that some good things - they do not last

but some things do, if you believe it to be so
give it a chance - and a tender love will grow

Andante is my song today
for friendship and for love - to stay

so cherish what you have, my friend
believe in love, until the end

like she did
like she wanted me to

touch my soul
you know how
andante andante
go slowly with me now

I'm your music 
I'm your song
play me time and time again
and make me strong 

andante andante
tread lightly on my ground 

One year ago, I wrote this poem. This year I feel the same. I am the same. Just stronger, happier. Still me:


My Valentine

come to me
come and see 
who I am
the real me 

I am not the abuse
I am not what he did 
I am not just simply my trauma

I'm the courage that escaped 
I'm the cleverness that survived 
I'm the power that protected my tiny spark of flame 

oh my Valentine
you do get me right 
you give hope that I can love again 

you do fan my spark
into firecrackers bright
you see me 
with your eyes open wide 

you see beyond and you sense
and you know me so well
a new love
but we've always just known one another 

oh my Valentine 
you read all my signs 
I am yours 
and you know it is so

with respect, joy and laughs
we are like half and half
and together we're one of a kind 

I love you
you love me   
there is hope
I now see   
and believe

Lucky me 
with my Valentine

ABBA: Andante. Andante:


Life in a day

downs and ups - in life there is
pain, joy, tears
a tender kiss

it's sailing out on quiet sea
calm and happy

it's climbing to a mountain top
sweat and feel your heart
non stop

beating - and you sense it strong
you are alive
you do belong

to life and to your loved ones, dear
to the ones
the ones who care

and that is life - in just one day
downs and ups and
oh, you may

turn you face towards the light
choose yourself
day or night

life is what you want to see
sorrow, joy

grab it
live it
make it your own

it's for you to do
go on

...calm sea.....

..windy mountain tops....