free to be you
free to be me

fly like a bird
surf on that sea

climb those high mountains
do not give up
the tall tops in your life
go there, don't stop

cherish the freedom - be as you like
do not care - let them say what they might

it doesn't matter - your life is yours
so go ahead - stake out your course

go where you wish, dress as you like
say what you want, and one day you might

feel that strength from deep within
you own your freedom
 - you win

I am so grateful to be where I am
in my own country
in my own land

and in my life - where I can be me

don't take it for granted

cherish it
guard it
love it

be free

In Norway, 17th of May, we celebrated our constitution day. A day to celebrate freedom. Here I am in a traditional costume (bunad) from Hardanger, where my grandad on my mother's side origins from. The bunad used to belong to my mum.  


Thank you, Havasupai

4 sunny fun days. 3 magic dark nights
under the stars that were shining so bright

while we slept in our hammocks, that's where we were
under the trees, no one knew we were there

what an adventure. my words are lost
trying to describe what I loved the most

the colour of the water, turquoise, so bright
the trees so green, shimmery silver light

the red rocky mountains, naked and tall
the blue blue sky, with only eagle's call

oh, Havasupai, you captured my heart
time stood still, how I wanted it to last

and not only nature, but the people too
they made the adventure - a fairy-tale come through

both my own little group and the Indians there
with a laugh, a kind look, and you sense that they care

about you and the world and the ones they have near
- and they are in the bubble just like you
- with no cars, shops or internet, and they enjoy it too

and the feeling of being completely away from the whole world

and yet

I have never felt more



Some pictures from our trip (more might come, it might take a life time to absorb this journey. Thank you Vidar, for some of these pictures!) 

From Beaver falls

Fletcher and his horses coming down 

Havasu falls

Mooney falls
From the hilltop

Farewell Havasupai!