Snail mail at its best

Over 30 years ago, on a dark, rainy November day on the west coast of Norway. I am a bored teenager dragging myself home from school. A quick look in the mail box: Oooooh. There it is. I can feel a huge smile spreading. A white envelope with tiny blue and red stripes on the sides. A bit dirty, some spots on the front below the colorful stamp of a man in a gorgeous blue shirt and a hat. A letter from a pal. My pen pal, from far far away. From a country I have never heard of. Yay. I cant wait to open it.

Same scenario, only now. Today.
Same feeling of joy. The joy of discovering, in between bills and commercials, an envelope, a real paper letter. From a pal.

But this time from a sweet friend I know through our love for blogging: a friend from a country I know quite a bit about, my adopted country India. And this time I am all grown up. Kind of.

So, who would have known, Tulika dear, that your personal letter could bring tears in my eyes. Of joy. It was very emotional to read so kind words from a connected soul. To read what impression you have of me, what you remember from my writings, what you enjoy. And maybe even more: to learn more about you. I feel like you: this is different than blogging. This is waaaay more personal. This is between you and me. This is Snail mail at its best.

I have loved following your blog, and will do more so from now on. I feel connected to you. We have made it personal. I know you better. And what a wonderful person you are.

Check out Tulikas lovely blog: obsessivemom

PS: And Tulika, know this: after a rough time personally and a total lack of blogging inspiration your letter and to write about this lit a spark in me. Thank you:-)