Home for Christmas

Last week now, coming up
people rush, all non stop

to buy, to clean, to get all ready
and still keep mind and body steady

and what do I do? take a guess
please do trust me, I do not stress

the cleaning I figured, I will do next year
a few gifts, yes, of course I'll prepare

- for my loved ones who are close to me here
and I'll send some cards to friends and family far and near-

home for Christmas, that's a song
driving home where you belong

and as for me? well, I am right here
so are they, my loved ones I have near

I so much enjoy these pre-christmas days
I count my blessings and kick my worries away

and I:
go for a hike in a forest wonderland
with the one that I love, hand in hand:

the sea opens up right in front of us there
and we smile just because of the moment we share:

then, I confess, I go over the top
when I decorate my tree, I do not stop
it's shiny and glittery and all that there is
and the mistletoe is up, just in case there's a kiss
and all of this is because I can

Yes, I can
how lucky am I

And the spirit spreads from my head to toe
peace and love, friendship and joy

Just a moment, then its gone,
take a breath, hold on

light a candle for the one who is no longer here
send a wish, give a hug - to the ones you have near

home for Christmas
yes I am

right home, here where I belong

- a hug when you feel down
- a thought when you're on your own
- a kiss that tells you simply - We
- is where you enjoy your morning tea

home is where You can be You

Home for Christmas,

That's my Christmas wish for you, too