A new beginning

to wake up in the morning
to open up your eyes
by sunshine play with curtains
the room is full of light

you sense a smile just spreading,
feel warm and peaceful too
the dark is long gone from your life,
you're free, the day is new

you stretch and feel you are alive
for - oh yes, one more day
it's what you have, so hold it tight
and live by what you say

it's not for all to have it, you know,
so make it yours, my love

a new beginning,
a brand new start
a day, for you,
and the ones in your heart

Everyday is a new beginning
take a deep breath
and start again 

- This was inspired by waking up by the fjord in Ulvik, where the family of my granddad on my mum's side origins from. My favourite clicks from our road trip last week:

Blue fjord, red farms, white mountain tops, green fields......


  1. What a lovely poem - happy and hopeful :) lovely pictures.

    Ishieta/ isheeriashealingcircles.com

  2. Lovely poem and lovelier photo. I would so love to wake up to something like that blue fjord. Stunning! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  3. Hope of a new start. Beautiful. Love your poetry, Eli. Love the pictures too.

  4. It's such a positive poem that makes the morning fresh and blissful to one's mind.

  5. Beautiful poem and I'm in love with the photos! Imagine waking up to that view each day! Wow...

  6. Clicks are amazing a nd the message is inspiring
    Glad to drop by ur blog after long !

  7. Such a happy, feel good poem! Yes, everyday is indeed a new beginning...what a terrific way to look at life!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  8. If only, we all could start our day with such positive thoughts!!


  9. So positive and uplifting! Lovely poem! Loved those gorgeous fjord photos, too.

  10. Dearest Eli,
    Well, for being in such a breathtaking area where your maternal granddaddy hails from, it would be possible to fill in a few lines of a poem! You did great on it, by phrasing it so perfectly.
    Thanks for sharing this meaningful beauty of your road trip!

  11. So beautiful, Eli. The poems, the imagery and of course, the clicks are gorgeous! Sunshine playing with curtain - that's beautiful. :)

  12. Oh wow! Those pictures - just so gorgeous; so much that it distracted me from your lovely poem, Eli.

  13. "A new beginning,
    a brand new start
    a day, for you,
    and the ones in your heart"

    You captured the true essence of a sunrise dear Eli, after the darkest hours rises the sun in life. So inspiring and refreshing. Have a great trip my friend!


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