Enjoy the view ! - #ThursdayTreeLove13

Advice From A Tree
Stand tall and proud.
Go out on a limb
Remember your roots.
Drink plenty of water.
Be content with your natural beauty.
Enjoy the view!
By Ilan Shamir

Chin up. Watch the sky.
Feel the peace. Sense the quiet. 
Close your eyes. Open up. 
Rays of sun 
playing slowly
in between the green green wonders
of the magic of 
The magic of life.
Your life. 


Presenting the vibrant glory of a tree which I pass every day. 
A perfect place to take a breath - 
enjoy the view! 

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  1. Such inspiring words and a happy green picture.
    Thank you so much for joining Eli. Makes me so happy <3

  2. You are lucky for this view. More often than not we see a concrete jungle around these days.

    Wonderful idea to write on this joy!

  3. Such a lovely view, fortunately I live in a place where there is more forest cover and hence enjoy nature, thank god!

  4. Lovely picture with great thoughts. Its good to see greenery around us when these days it's hard to find any.

  5. wow Eli :) Loved the advice from the tree, beautiful image and I have always loved to be surrounded with green!!

  6. Beautiful picture, and lovely thoughts about the tree. Thank you for sharing. Many things cancer cannot do

  7. Green green wonders indeed :D

  8. Such a beautiful, vibrant, happy frame this is, Eli! Nature is so soothing and peaceful. I absolutely love that advice by the tree, something I wish I could remember for life. Hope you are having a great weekend, my dear friend :)

    1. Thank you dear Arti, always so kidn and supporting words. Lots of love back

  9. Loved the positivity in this post and the image of the tree.

  10. Serene and calm, captured so beautifully:)


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