Green for Hope - #ThursdayTreeLove14

to take a walk in the park
can make light out of dark
can make you see
under a tree
- you are free

to hike deep in the forest wild 
and feel a gentle breeze, so mild
touches your skin
kisses your chin
- you win

a green green tree means hope to me
it finds a way when there is none to see
Believe and Do
I did it too
- so can you  

* yes, my favourite colour is green:-) 


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  1. Love the poem.. Green is my favourite color too.

  2. Such beautiful positive words, my dear friend! Nothing roots us to our own self as the greens in nature. I absolutely love that sunshine kiss on your face, Eli - so happy and free like a tree kissing the sky!

    1. Thank you so much dear Arti - always so happy to see you here. Lots of love to you

  3. I love the beautiful shades of green that nature provides us. Yes, it makes us happy to be in contact with nature. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  4. That's a sweet poem and trees are beautiful.

  5. Believe is the word! Always :)

  6. You words always empower and work like a magic potion to the soul, dear Eli:)

  7. loved your expressions, yes green is for hope; and I love to be surrounded by green:) you are a charming and energetic person, beautiful smile :) keep it up dear!

    1. Thank you so much my sweet friend. Sending lots of love your way

  8. Sweet, sweet Eli. Oh, how I love your magic with words. You're a true artist my dear and your words always linger on and make me reflect and react. As always it's pure pleasure to visit your lovely blog and be inspired by you.
    I hope all is well with you Eli and that you're enjoying beautiful summer days together with loved ones? And I'm so grateful our paths crossed in this big blog universe. In you I found not only an amazing, strong and brave woman but also a fantastic blog friend. Thank you for being out there sweet Eli and for all the warmth and joy you have spread in my comment sections during all these years. It's always such a joy to see your signature and your words have meant more than you'll ever know. Even though I'm now leaving the blog world I'll still visit your blog to see how you're doing and to be inspiread.♥

    I hope you'll have a wonderful summer and I wish you all the best for the future my dear friend.♥


    1. Dear charlie, thank you so much. Sad to hear you are leaving blogging, hope to stay in touch. warm hugs, wishes and lots of love your way

  9. Loved the greenery in the poem.



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