A ray of sunshine

A ray of sunshine, I saw that day
beyond the storm, beyond the pain

beyond the rain and dark clouds too
I saw it clear, and so do you

I felt it deep, I saw it bright
clear as day, black as night

a ray of sunshine to get you through
when you think you will not, oh, you will do

the fog will move away, I say
and just like me, you will some day

- feel the warmth of sunshine too
oh, my friend, me and you

we suffered, but we will survive
keep on climbing, stay alive

and if I manage, so will you
trust me - you can do it too

a ray of sunshine, is what it takes
trust it, follow, push no brakes

that is life, for me and you
a ray of sunshine
- for us too


  1. Such a Bful poem Eli
    We suffered but we will survive
    Keep climbing stay alive - amazing lines !

  2. Dearest Eli,
    What lovely poetry from the heart and so perfect for Holy Week!
    Yes, we suffered, but we will survive! How very true that is and you are such a great inspiration for so many others, that still might need that 'lift' or little 'push'.
    Sending you hugs and thanks for sharing these very meaningful photos.

    1. Dear Mariette, Thank you so much my dear friend. Lots of love

  3. Lovely meaningful line Eli with a very beautiful message- keep moving and striving!!

    Loved the images too! :-)

  4. Such beautiful lines, so full of hope..
    Good one, Eli..

  5. A ray of sunshine, this is what we all need in life to protect us and make us shine in life. Beautiful composition, Eli!

  6. True...No matter how much life pulls us down, a ray of sunshine is enough to lift us right back! Precious lines Eli!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  7. Oh this is so beautiful Eli. The ray of hope and the constant persistence will definitely take us through.

  8. Love the msg.. love sunshine. and life can get dark, for such moments this poem is precious.

  9. This is beautiful, Eli! How are you? Hope you have a great holiday.

  10. The beauty of words at their best! I am feeling so positive just by reading it ☺️


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