so there I am, flying high
sensing the landscape passing by

light blue sky, dark blue sea
mountains tall, right next to me

I smell the flowers, the wind's in my face
I close my eyes, I feel amazed

how lucky am I to see all this
with all my senses - nothing to miss

it is my country, it is my land
and the key to joy - right in my hand

I smile to myself, feeling thankful like few
I don't take it for granted, the freedom to do -
- things like this, and enjoy them too

and with my love, right in front of me
seeing the same scenery

a joyride, from the back of a bike
nature and wildness - what's not to like?

to drive along - with wind and sun,
I smile and feel: here I belong

green fields and white snow and blue blue sea
and a bunch of nice people - around me

a joyride of life, I enjoyed so much
I am grateful for it
for the moments non stop

I hope you enjoy your moments too

and if I can
- then so can you


- I spent 4 wonderful days, road-trip, on the motorcycle with my love one. In company with some great people. Here are my favourite moments : 
Along the fjord.... breathtaking...:-) 

Road to Lysebotn, Rogaland. Yup, still snow ...
On top of the world; Gaustadtoppen in Telemark

Between mountains and fjord: on our way back - ready for take off from Eidfjord


  1. Beautifully written, greetings!

  2. What breath taking views. It must have really been a great feeling cycling through such scenic beauty. Great way to spend a summer day.

  3. 4 days Road trip on a bike sounds amazing.You must have had a wonderful time.The pictures are breathtaking .

  4. Every time I stop by your blog, your pictures take me to a world that is so beautiful and I would love to explore.
    Of course the poem goes so well with travel and the happy times.

    1. Oh, Parul, that is so nice of you- thanks for your kind words.

  5. Wow, wow, wow. What an amazing joyride dear Eli, so much to see and SO much to feel. Such a happy inspiring poem, thanks for taking me along, here's to many more joyrides!

    1. Thank you so much dear Arti. Warm hugs to you my friend

  6. Oh wow...look amazing and what wonderful words to go with it. Makes me wanna go there sometime

  7. Surrounding by nature, breeze flowing it and a joy ride makes life amazingly awesome. Love this post, Eli. Stay blessed and fly to conquer the world:)

    1. Thank you Vishal - soooo happy you liked it my friend

  8. Dearest Eli,
    Sure can see how you enjoyed this joyride on the back of your loved one's bike!
    My youngest brother has been to your country with his BMW bike to drink in its beauty and I sure would love to do that myself.

    1. Dear Mariette, Thank you for your kind words. Hope your brother liked it here - Sending lots of love xxx

  9. Ah a road trip. I haven't taken one from ages. Someday soon..when my little one is not so little anymore, and has more tolerance. :)

    1. Yaaaayyy - you will get there!Hugs, my friend

  10. Hmm I like these experiences, just recently took a road trip and enjoyed myself. Lovely images so energising, thanks for sharing !!


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