Just that moment

time just stops - at a moment like this
sky meets sea in a soft tender kiss

blue blue blue as long as eyes can see
calm peaceful water - and on it are we

a gentle breeze caresses my hair
a promise of summer is in the air

me and you - and the sea
and an excited dog right next to me
waiting to see: what's it gonna be?
any fish I could inspect, maybe?

just a moment - in the blue
I hold on a bit, don't you too?
and let it go, when the time is right
when the next moment pops up - clear in sight

just a moment
here and now
live it
love it



  1. Beautiful rhymes, and even better clicks. There was a smooth flow in reading the lines, enjoyed it. :)

  2. Heart warming piece, very vivid and supreme. Greetings!

  3. Oh I love how you matched the pictures with the rhymes. It seems like such a happy day.

  4. Here and now, enjoy! Oh so well said :)

    Love the pictures and the blue!

  5. Lovely post, Eli. I could tell from your lines that you were having a good time. Here and now is what I believe in, too!

  6. Your happy moment is so infectious, my dear friend! Oh how I love the joy in it, in living, loving and letting it go in anticipation of a new one. The dog tale is adorable. Love, love, love this Eli, your poems bring a wide smile in my heart <3

    1. Thank you so much my sweet friend. Always so happy to see you here:-) Lots of love to you dear Arti:-)


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