free to be you
free to be me

fly like a bird
surf on that sea

climb those high mountains
do not give up
the tall tops in your life
go there, don't stop

cherish the freedom - be as you like
do not care - let them say what they might

it doesn't matter - your life is yours
so go ahead - stake out your course

go where you wish, dress as you like
say what you want, and one day you might

feel that strength from deep within
you own your freedom
 - you win

I am so grateful to be where I am
in my own country
in my own land

and in my life - where I can be me

don't take it for granted

cherish it
guard it
love it

be free

In Norway, 17th of May, we celebrated our constitution day. A day to celebrate freedom. Here I am in a traditional costume (bunad) from Hardanger, where my grandad on my mother's side origins from. The bunad used to belong to my mum.  


  1. Wonderful poem, because too many of are not free. Those of us who are should be grateful for that every minute. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. Someday I wish to visit Norway.

    Freedom is such a special gift, isn't it? The sad thing is we take it for granted and often forget that it comes with responsibilities.

    Loved the verse 😊

    1. Please come Naba:-) Yes, so true. Thank you sweetie:-)

  3. A lovely reminder for us all Eli. There's so much we should we grateful for, but take for granted. On my way to grab a paper and pen and note down my list :)

  4. How lovely, Eli. Don't take your freedom for granted. So very true.

  5. Eli! These are sacred words on freedom, something we should never trade for anything. It's bliss. I shall do the exercise:)

  6. So beautiful your words, my dear friend, just like you. I loved all that you said about freedom -- yes, it is a gift we ought to open our hearts to, each moment of our life. Your sunshine smile is sooo contagious Eli and in the traditional attire, you look absolutely pretty! Sending big hugs right back <3

    1. Thank you so much dear Arti - for your so kind words. You make my smile even bigger, my friend:-) Huuuugs

  7. Wonderful poem, Eli. Yes, freedom should be cherished and valued. There is no other gift valuable than being free.

  8. Freedom, something that we take for granted when we have it, and only truly realize its value when it's taken away from us. Beautifully penned, Eli. :)

    1. So true...Thanks a lot my sweet friend:-)

  9. Dearest Eli,
    What a beautiful Hardanger bunad you wear! That makes celebrating Norwegian Constitution Day even more meaningful.
    Love your poem!

    1. Dear Mariette, Thank you so much for your so kind words. Warm hugs to you


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