This moment

The blue blue hour
before the sun will go
the pale pale beauty
all silence in the snow

not even a bit of wind
disturbs this harmony
it's all so quiet
oh how magic life can be

I hold my breath and smile
and look up at the blue
this moment, I embrace it so
and if I can, so can you

embrace it, live it now
suddenly its history
so grab it, make it yours
wherever you might be 

I leave the cold behind 
and wander back inside
a candle, cup of tea
perfect moment, in my mind:-) 

What did you do today, with your moments? Please share:-)


  1. Today was such a jumble of work and life related stuff - not too much to savor. I could have used a beautiful sunset like that - but without the snow. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. Really peaceful and lyrical. I enjoyed reading you poem. I love pictures too. I hope we see snow this weekend, but we live in the Southeast. Snow is rare, yet beautiful around here.

    1. Thanks dear Mary, for your very kind words:-) Sending hugs

  3. Love your spirit as always Eli. And you wove that beautifully too.

  4. Beautiful! That actually looks perfect in that weather. Lovely poem Eli!

  5. Dearest Eli,
    You are becoming quite a poet as you are unleashing your healed, inner thoughts! Great job and it is almost contagious in a way.
    Well, today I managed to get one of our four beds made, laundered some things and did fold them away. Also I managed to get my next posts through Monday out of the way.
    Got our entrées for worked out for a lovely dinner with friends and happy that their daughter, our niece in a way, since he's my American brother, can join us too. Very happy and looking forward to that.
    Monday I will have to have my home clean and everything ready for the dinner that I throw for Pieter's Club. But I'm looking forward to a lazy Tuesday... feeling proud for having done it one more time as 'Team Vedder'.

    1. Thank you so much dear Mariette. You are always so kind. Wishing you all the best for the dinner on Monday:-) And enjoy your lazy Tuesday - may it be awesome- like you deserve my friend:-) Hugs

  6. What an amazing poet you are Eli. Such beautiful words becoming one with nature and making the heart beautiful and capable of love:)

    1. Wow, thanks my friend:-) Happy you liked it:-)

  7. The poem matches perfectly with the pictures. Beautifully written, Eli.

  8. Lovely expression, both in words and photos. "Suddenly it's history" - three simple words saying so much, compelling us almost. Beautiful.

  9. Dear Eli,

    You're a true artist with words sweet Eli. A true poet. I love how you play with words and feelings and make them come alive. So beautiful. :) I've had a lovely Saturday together with my family. Lots of snow and a cozy day. Just perfect. :)

    Take care my friend and have a lovely weekend.


    1. Oh my sweet friend:-) Thank you so much for your warm words:-) I am so happy you had a lovely Saturday - have a great week ahead dear:-) Hugs

  10. That was such a fun filled positive poem Eli! Truest in your form :)



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