Yes, I can

I can decorate my Christmas tree whenever I want,
I can put up lights, so many - I have already lost count
I will put a giant pink Indian star on top of my tree
Just because I can, and it reminds me of - we

Poonam, a friend so dear to me
I know she would love to see
me go wild, - and just put whatever I like - where and when
just because

I can

No one around me - to order, dictate, control or fight
just loving people, applauding wild
when I bring out
yet one more light

so don't take for granted your freedom, my dear
cherish it, feel it, love it
like I do, I swear
I will never let it go again

This year, I will have blinking red lights on my tree,
just because I can, you see

I will play my music, dance, laugh and be me
with my loved ones, friends and family

I am free as a bird, but not everyone is,
so I send a warm thought to all my sis-
- ters out there who still suffers bad
- just the thought of it makes me so mad

mixed with the joy of freedom

to go where I want to go,
with whom,
with what
and whenever

just because
I can

Freedom to hike when and where you want:

Freedom to cherish loving memories:

 Freedom to choose freely that: Home is where your heart is:


  1. Freedom is precious, and so easily lost. Enjoy. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. Dearest Eli,
    Yes, this personal freedom that we find, when we DARE to, is priceless.
    No, we should never let our lives be dictated by anyone - period.
    Enjoying the little special things in life, the seasonal joys... That is HAPPINESS.
    Wishing you many blissful evenings during this time of short daylight.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Dear Mariette, Thank you so much for your kind and warm words. So happy to have you in my life sweet friend:-) Hugs

  3. Beautiful, Eli. So true, we don't need to celebrate just on one particular day in a particular place and in a certain way. Celebration should come from the heart and it can always be more wonderful that way..

  4. Eli, your poem is filled with love, light and courage. I feel for the ones who aren't free to do as they please too. My morning started on a high note with your post, have a great day.

  5. Oh yes, Eli! Freedom, the most precious of gifts anyone can ever have! I am glad you got it, finally. Go ahead, live your life the way you want to, sweetie! Put up the tree, the big star and the red blinking lights and have fun to your heart's content! The lights I put up in my balcony during our festival 'Diwali' last month, are still there. I want them there the whole year round, festival or no festival, and that's what I am going to do. I so understand what you mean by the freedom you have received at last.
    Love and hugs, my dear Eli! \
    Cherish your life and love!

    1. Oh, my dear dear friend. Thank you- your words means a lot to me. Cheers to us- and to you for keeping those lights up whole year if you want to. Just because we can;.) Big hugs and lots of love

  6. Lovely! Born Free, stay free!Isn't that how the world should be! Your beautiful poem enthuses one with its strong and positive message. Enjoy the festive spirit, I loved your beautiful captures Eli!!

  7. So beautiful, Eli. We can but so many cannot. To celebrate what we have, we should remember that. Lovely poem showing hope, love and courage.

    1. Thanks alot Parul- always so happy to see you here:-)

  8. The true spirit of Xmas, friendship and our freedom we take for granted spelled out with pure fashion.

  9. ah lovely sweet freedom. I loved the words and the images it showed.

  10. Lovely thought. I had a designer friend who would always say - because I can to anything asked of him why was he doing it? He said it with such verve and sarcasm that the other person was left speechless while I stood in awe of his confidence at it. Loved reading this - hope to see a pic of your christmas tree soon.

  11. This is such a positive post, Eli. Freedom is quite underrated. We only understand it's importance when we are deprived of it. Loved your version of things that give you the sense of freedom. Wish you a Merry Christmas in advance. Hope the tree comes out beautifully.

  12. I am soooo happy for you my dear friend, I felt the colors of hope, the freedom, the joy in your heart felt words as also a tinge of pain and melancholy that so often paints this canvas of life. I totally agree, freedom is our birthright and sometimes it might take a lot of courage to reclaim the same but that happiness when we do, oh boy! Big hugs dear Eli, I am sure your Christmas tree has shaped up to be just as lovely as your soul - full of love, light and joy!

    1. Oh, Arti, my sweet friend- thank you so much for your warm and kind words. Lots of love back to you.

  13. Enjoy and cherish the freedom, Eli. So happy that you broke free. ♥


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