Just an evening

Just a normal Autumn Tuesday, rain in pouring down
I jog down to my waiting car, speeding to my friend's home

from there the road trip just goes on, like Thelma and Louise
we drive and reach our dear friend's house, our stress - about to cease 


what a world of warmth - to welcome us there
hugs and lights and colour - feels like heaven is near

she's a painter, our friend, how we love to see it all
the yellow, red and blue and green - filling up the wall

she opens up her world - of inner joy and peace
unites us like we're family, everything's at ease

it's just an evening, like the rest, a regular event
some candles, just a simple meal, some laughs, a gentle scent

and still it feels so special, 'cause life and love is here
to friendship, colour, sisterhood, I smile: be gone all fear!

'cause there is hope where there is will, I do know that for sure
an evening like the rest of them, may there be many more

like this one, special, yet so plain

with friends you care about

just an evening
just an evening

life and love

Here's to colours, life, love, friendship - enjoy your everyday moments:

Aren't her paintings wonderful?:

I loved this one. The village mirroring in the sea, but still not looking the same...:-) 

Hymn to Spring

Dancing with angels


Tread softly. Breathe peacefully. Laugh hysterically. (Nelson Mandela)


  1. I love your poetry. It's so full of feeling and spontaneous feeling the way it bursts out of you. So happy to hear you had such a lovely evening that it inspired this poem. Hope you have more fun outings with your friend. Wish we lived closer and could have an outing. Wouldn't that be fun? Norway is one of those places I sure would love to visit. Sigh

    1. Oh Cathy, that would be awesome!! Do come:-) Thanks for your sweet comment, sending you big warm hugs dear friend:-)

  2. Loved the paintings and the poetry just adds that extra charm making the post vibrant. I love visiting and spending time with friends; makes me refreshed. Good to know this blog through Write Tribe.

  3. What a beautiful, optimist poem filled with love and gentle breeze, Eli:)

  4. Sometimes the very normal regular things can leave behind special memories. You're fortunate to have the company of such friends. Loved the way you expressed it.

  5. Sweet Eli, I just nod and agree with you and your beautiful hymn to every day life, friendships and sharing meals. When I was told I had cancer I felt no need to climb mountains or to travel the world or do all the stuff I never had time to do before. The only thing that mattered was spending time wth family and friends. The people I love and share my life with. That every day life is what life is all about. Love.

    Thank you sweet Eli for writing words that lingers on and make me feel so much. Take care my dear.♥


    Ps. Your friends paintings are so beautiful and full of colour and life. :)

    1. Thanks a lot my dear friend. I have been thinking about you:-) Take care you too - sending you warm big hugs:-) XXX

  6. Oh...I had a smile on my face while reading this beautiful poetic post! :) Joyous moments! Do let your friend know that I loved loved her paintings.

  7. Så koselig å se min kjære storesøsters hjem :)
    Hos henne er det varme og kjærlighet.

    Beste hilsen Camilla :)

  8. wow! life, love and friendship.. feel so rich, and so nice to read the poems, and beautiful paintings; its a pleasure to be here eli :)

  9. everyday joy is in these simple small moments that we cherish.. friend's companion, simple meal, heartfelt laughs.. :) a day well lived


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