to see birds flying high
up towards the blue sky
- makes her smile, she feels grateful, at peace

she got out of the cage
just ran off that fake stage
- with a force that grew strong from within

it just had to be so
'cause at last she said no
- and by that breaking free finally

and the world seems all new
so much joy to pursue
- she knew not that the sun was so bright

she just wanders around
taking in every sound
every taste every scent is so clear

and a bubbling feeling is just filling her up
from her tickling toes all the way to the top

and she giggles out loud for the cat to hear
she can sing if she likes, what she choose she can wear

she makes up her own mind, listens to her own voice
and she follows her heart, and will go for its choice

because her life is hers again now


  1. What a lovely poem so full of joy and hope. So uplifting and joyous! Just lovely!

  2. Beautiful. I'm glad she made the break and lives free. Every woman deserves nothing less.

  3. Being free is so much more than just a word...This come out wonderfully in the lines you wrote...Break out of shackles and be free, is what I take away from this :)

  4. What a beautiful poem it is Eli..!! The rhymes and the meaning that you're trying to convey..!
    Good job..


  5. Beautiful poem.. made my heart soar with happiness.

  6. Beautiful, positive poem, and lovely photos too.

  7. Dearest Eli,
    Whatever the season is bringing, colder nights or whatever but you got that inner glow back!
    Lovely poem and it shows that your heart is on the mend and your soul is soaring high; indeed a free spirit once again.
    A warm and tight hug,

    1. Yay:-) Your words make me so happy my dear friend:-) Thank you so much for your generous comments, it means a lot to me:-)

  8. love how your poems are always filled with so much life and inspiration :)

  9. What a wonderful sense of freedom this conveys! Loved your poem, Eli. ☺

  10. The poem does complete justice to its title. :)

  11. Such a "free" feeling in the way the the words flow in this poem. Lovely, Eli!

  12. Sense of freedom expressed so well in this beautiful poetry! loved it!
    A Rat's​ ​Nibble


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