fear is waking up at night
breathless, shaky, not all right

fear is being on alert,
day and night, God, it hurts

fear is crawling up inside
the safest place there is to hide

fear is when you can not do
things you like when you want to

fear can take your life away,
do not let it. Make it stay

you can do it, fight the fear
use your force, you know it's there

deep inside you. I cheer you on
your life, only to you - it belongs

so take your life back, embrace it tight
move on, don't look back, and then one day you might-

sleep a whole night peacefully without those bad dreams,
take a hike in the mountains, feeling happy, at ease

control the fear, you can do it, I know
follow your own voice wherever you go

your strength, heart and passion will guide you through
take a breath, follow it, go ahead- its for you

Dedicated to my "Sisters of Life"

Signs of spring on a winterly walk


  1. That's an inspiring poem Eli. We need to confront our fears.

  2. Dearest Eli,
    It very much depends on which type of fear...
    There are female sisters of us in parts of the world that live in tremendous fear!
    May the times soften and humanity come to its senses.
    No living being should have to live in fear!
    Hugs and sweet dreams,

    1. Dear Mariette, thank you my sweet friend. Lots of love and big hugs

  3. Amazingly wrotten poem. Loved the positive spirit in it.

  4. Such a powerful poem! and inspirational too! Loved it!

    Btw, aren't you doing the April A-Z this year? I was looking for your theme reveal post.

    1. Thanks my dear friend. No, can't make the A-Z this year unfortunately:-( Hugs

  5. "Follow your own voice wherever you go"....We all so need to do that, Eli! Follow our own voice, our gut instinct, and stay brave through it all! For one day our life will reach where we wish it to, we will live the way we wish to!
    I love your poetry, Eli!
    So inspiring, so full of love!

    1. Thank you so much dear Shilpa - always so happy to see you here. Big hugs

  6. Oh, this is such an inspiring and realistic poem. We must confront our fears to live happily. You told that in such beautiful words, Eli. 😀

    1. Thank you so much sweet Vinitha. Warm hugs your way my friend

  7. I so love you for writing this poem. I've done that...waking up in the night and going all into thinking mode with the fear overpowering me taking away my life. I've gone through that for very long. It was written with so much power:)

    1. Oh, my friend, thank you so much. Reading your comment reminds me also why I blog - always so happy to see your kind words here Vishal:-) All the best... always


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