A new beginning

A new beginning. A new chapter. A newborn blog.

Life is a strange thing. One day you are doing your usual yours. The next day you are not. Twists and turns. Some positive and some negative. But all part of life.

Maybe you have also felt the feeling of living in a bubble for a while, having a very "small" life? Going through a tough break up is not easy. It is hard. Yet some times it is unavoidable. And even if you are the one to leave, it is sad, because you realize that your life didn't go where you had planned for it to go. And when you have left you start feeling free and happy more and more every day, you know you have made the right choice. No more control, no more lies and fake promises.

And slowly you might also have discovered at last that there was a life outside the bubble. Slowly the inspiration starts coming back. The happy thoughts. The courage and the strength. And you might manage to nurture the good memories and feel joy for the happy times. And move on the best you can through the changes of life. Maybe just a tiny step at the time, but still a step. A step in the right direction. Forward.

Myself, I felt it natural to leave my dear old companion blog expatliv behind also, and starting a new chapter with a new blog. Welcome to A Global Fusionista, dear reader. I hope you will like it here.


  1. Here's to much success with your new blog, Eli! See you soon for the A-Z Challenge. ☺


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