Small joys, big life

So what on earth does that mean, of course you might think
well, a hike, a cup of tea, with a friend - makes the link

- to a life that can bring you happiness my dear
the key is gratitude, ooooh, I do swear

- so, take a moment each day to think about
what you are grateful for -  and please please don't

- dwell with the what if's, the whens, when to be
life is now, let yourself sink into it, stay free

- and be grateful that you can Just Be - one more day
it is not for everyone, so just listen and say

- to yourself that a small joy is what makes it so big
with its ups and downs, life is what you should digg

and be grateful for small joys like walking on snow
with some fresh air, a sunset, and you linger with how

- is it possible to feel such a joy for just that.....

- and it is


  1. Love your wise and uplifting little poem, Eli. Good advice about being grateful for small things which really are what make our lives big when you think about it.

  2. So beautiful, the pleasures of life are in small moments after all!

  3. A lovely poem to speak of gratitude,Eli. Now even the big business houses and CEO's are highlighting the importance of gratitude. A vibrant mix of words!

  4. We're thinking along the same lines Eli - the importance of small things in life. Loved your poetic version.

  5. "Just Be - one more day
    it is not for everyone, so just listen and say"

    This line resonated the most with me, Eli. Thank you for the reminder. I'm grateful :)

  6. Eli! It's such small joys in the simple things that make life so beautiful. Powerful rendering of emotions.

  7. Lovely poem. I am in league with your thoughts, Eli. Absolutely believe that it is in these small moments that life holds nuggets of happiness for all of us. But, we need to find them ourselves - each one of us.

  8. Small joys to be grateful for. This is something I needed today. Thank you, Eli! <3

  9. A lovely poem. And the photos suit the words.


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