Moments flashing by

I see some sad moments last summer
when two ladies I knew passed away,
the tears wouldn't stop, the loss hurt so bad
oh, how I wish they would stay
I really can not believe they are gone
leaving us

sitting by the edge of the sea
I re-live that feeling
you and me:

I see happy moments last summer,
where I'm pinching my arm: can it be?
am I really so lucky to live to see all this
with my loved ones, with my "we"
and that joyous part: feeling free
it wasn't always like that
for me

early morning, crawling out, my hair is a mess
looking up at the sky, stretch and breathe, no stress:

I re-live the moments, I cherish them so
they are kept in my heart
I will not let them go

follow a sunset with it's soft pinkish light
grateful just to be 
when day becomes night:


a sweaty hike up, overlooking the view
seeing someone I love,

So, I sit here, my friend, and the moments flash by
many brings out wild laughter, and of others I cry
and that is ok, because lucky me
I am alive
and free