A candle for joy

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, the first of 4 Sundays, the first of the 4 magic weeks, the time, the "waiting time" leading up to Christmas. Today we put up the Christmas star in the windows and we start to decorate, a little bit. Today we light the first of 4 candles. Today we light the candle for "joy"

This year, joy, to me, means gratitude

This year, I smile as I light my candle, and the warmth is spreading in my body as I watch the yellow flame grow strong and the dark room gets a soft warm shade of light. I smile, because I feel peaceful, content and strong. And maybe you will smile, reading on now, because my gratitude list may be something you take for granted in your everyday life. I did not. I do not. Not any more. 

This year I embrace and appreciate these simple things. Because I did not always have them. Neither did I know I was suppose to. 

This year I do. Now I do. 

This year I light my candle for joy and I feel humble and happy that:  
  • I can dry my wet umbrella wherever I want to dry it
  • I can leave the crumbles at the kitchen bench (if I want to)
  • I can go out with my friends without checking my phone every second
  • I can decorate my home for Christmas today (if I want to
  • I can light a candle when and where I want, without anyone stopping me

I am grateful for: 
  • Having freedom to be me
  • My two amazing children 
  • My parents
  • My sister and her family
  • My special friend who has filled my heart with love and joy
  • My amazing friends who are with me through tears and laughter. My wing-women. One for all. All for one. Always. 
  • My network of blogger friends: you mean more to me than you will ever know
Small gestures. 
Intense joy. 

Light a candle for your blessings. Count them. Light a candle for gratitude. For joy. 

Happy advent.


Just an evening

Just a normal Autumn Tuesday, rain in pouring down
I jog down to my waiting car, speeding to my friend's home

from there the road trip just goes on, like Thelma and Louise
we drive and reach our dear friend's house, our stress - about to cease 


what a world of warmth - to welcome us there
hugs and lights and colour - feels like heaven is near

she's a painter, our friend, how we love to see it all
the yellow, red and blue and green - filling up the wall

she opens up her world - of inner joy and peace
unites us like we're family, everything's at ease

it's just an evening, like the rest, a regular event
some candles, just a simple meal, some laughs, a gentle scent

and still it feels so special, 'cause life and love is here
to friendship, colour, sisterhood, I smile: be gone all fear!

'cause there is hope where there is will, I do know that for sure
an evening like the rest of them, may there be many more

like this one, special, yet so plain

with friends you care about

just an evening
just an evening

life and love

Here's to colours, life, love, friendship - enjoy your everyday moments:

Aren't her paintings wonderful?:

I loved this one. The village mirroring in the sea, but still not looking the same...:-) 

Hymn to Spring

Dancing with angels


Tread softly. Breathe peacefully. Laugh hysterically. (Nelson Mandela)


That's what friends are for

Through rain, through sun, for good, for bad
just by your side - happy or sad

oh, what a joy to spend a day
with friends like that, what can I say

to sit there on a mountain top,
to cry, talk, giggle - all non stop

the air is crisp, the sun is bright
the sky is blue, no clouds in sight

what a blessing to have friends like that
they lift you up, you feel all set

because you know them, they know you
they speak the truth, and you do too

they stick around, are family
a sisterhood of sanity

and blessings goes to them today
warm heartfelt thanks - what can I say

That's what friends are for

Always by your side

Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who wants you in theirs, the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, who support you and who loves you no matter what. Here's to those treasures, your wing-women, your friends.

That's what friends are for:

*signing off, feeling grateful


Be the light

- Remember Eli, over the dark clouds, the sky is always blue!
That is what my grandfather used to say to me. In those moments when the worries seemed unbearable and there was absolutely no light in the horizon whatsoever.

- There is always light in the end of that tunnel. No matter how long and dark it might seem to be. There is always light at the end of it. Was another one. He collected good quotes, my beloved late grandfather, and he never hesitated to shower us with them. Simple words of inspiration. Of encouragement. Of wisdom. Words that could lift you up on that grey day, in that dark moment and when you felt utterly totally in misery. My grandfather would be there and would not leave us alone until that feeling was there. The feeling that Everything Was Going To Be Alright.

He passed away many years ago, my grandfather, but I still miss him. Missing his wise and comforting words. I feel grateful for the legacy he left behind - maybe above all - the kindness and curiosity he met other people with. When he listened to you, he listened 100% , and he was there. Usually with one of his quotes.

- Always be the light in someone else's life, he would say, nodding and smiling like he let me in on the world's biggest mystery: - Always be kind to people. Be generous with your smile. Share a kind word and a question. Show interest - and what do you know - you might be the light in that other person's life that day.

These days, Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated in India. A beautiful celebration, the Mother of all Indian festivals. So vibrant, so powerful, so beautiful, so emotional, so filled with hope and prosperity... It's so amazing, and brings back only good memories to me. Happy Diwali to all!

And after Diwali, we are heading towards Christmas. Another celebration where lighting candles and light bulbs plays a big role. A candle for someone or something. A light for hope and gratitude. For memories, love and life.

Light a candle. Be the light.




to see birds flying high
up towards the blue sky
- makes her smile, she feels grateful, at peace

she got out of the cage
just ran off that fake stage
- with a force that grew strong from within

it just had to be so
'cause at last she said no
- and by that breaking free finally

and the world seems all new
so much joy to pursue
- she knew not that the sun was so bright

she just wanders around
taking in every sound
every taste every scent is so clear

and a bubbling feeling is just filling her up
from her tickling toes all the way to the top

and she giggles out loud for the cat to hear
she can sing if she likes, what she choose she can wear

she makes up her own mind, listens to her own voice
and she follows her heart, and will go for its choice

because her life is hers again now